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PM Imran Says Hollywood Movies Giving Rise To Vulgarity In Pakistan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has blamed the Hollywood movies for the ‘rise in vulgarity in the country’.

This is not the first time that the prime minister has blamed foreign entertainment industries for promoting ‘vulgarity’ in society. In May, he had called out Bollywood for the very same reason.

“I say this with a heavy heart but thirty to forty years ago, you would have never seen such vulgarity in Bollywood. There is so much trash. Bollywood has adopted the worst of Hollywood,” a report in The Current had noted.

“This is affecting our society and youth negatively. Drug culture is emerging, sex crimes are increasing because of such promotion of vulgarity. This is the reason I wanted the series to be aired so that the youth understand that there are other cultures as well.”

“It is important to note that when vulgarity increases in a society, the family system goes down,” remarked the prime minister.

In a recent interview, PM Imran had claimed that New Delhi has now become the ‘rape capital of the world due to the obscenity and indecent content shown in Bollywood films’.

His interview was related to the gang-rape incident on the motorway.

“World history tells when you increase fahashi (vulgarity) in the society, two things happen: sex crimes increase and the family system breaks down,” the prime minister had maintained.

Geo News reported that the PM said it was not only the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to battle out the prevalent sexual crimes in the country, in fact, it was also the responsibility of the entire society to fight against such heinous offences.

PM Imran further said that the indecent content and ‘obscenity’ shown in Bollywood films has multiplied the sexual crimes in the capital city of the country.

Dramas banned over ‘indecent content’

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) imposed a ban on repeat telecast of ARY drama serial Ishqia and Hum TV drama serial Pyar Ke Sadqay in line with Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance over violation of ‘religious values’.

According to the regulatory body, the decision was taken after it received complaints by viewers through Pakistan Citizens Portal and social media accounts that the dramas were propagating content that was against the social and religious values of the society.

Moreover, ARY Digital has been advised to review the content of its drama serial Jalan following many complaints from the viewers. The channel has been warned that if its content was not modified to conform with the social norms and values, action would be taken against the channel.

On Aug 28, PEMRA Chairperson Muhammad Saleem Baig directed for strict action to be taken in line with the law against immoral content and Indian channels. He had also reiterated the authority’s commitment to bringing the themes in Pakistani dramas that are in line with the country’s social, religious, cultural, and moral values.

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