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Nouman Ijaz Under Fire For Admitting That He Constantly Cheats On His Wife

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Noman Ijaz, a TV actor, is under fire for after he proudly admitted to having extramarital affairs and cleverly hiding them from his wife during an interview on Say it All with Iffat Omar. 

In a viral clip making rounds on social media he said, “I fall in love with those girls who are beautiful from inside and outside. I am such an intelligent man and actor that my wife never finds out about these things. Husbands of the women I date don’t find out either and the feelings between the women and I are mostly reciprocated.”

While the actor proudly claims to have cheated on his wife, he dismisses the #MeToo movement as something that’s not religious. Quoting him, he said “Ye sab deen se dori hai.” 

Twitter has called out the actor for his hypocritical views and the otherwise double standards that exist when a man admits to cheating on his wife and when a woman calls her out on it.


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