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Naya Daur Managing Editor Files FIA Complaint Against Death Threats

Naya Daur Media‘s Managing Editor Ailia Zehra has filed a complaint with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cybercrime Wing against recent death threats issued to her on social media. In the complaint, she maintains that this wave of abuse and threats has caused her ‘severe mental anguish’ and put her in constant fear for her life.

“I am writing to you in hopes that the necessary action will be taken against all the accused persons and this cycle of abuse will be brought to an end,” the complaint reads.

She has called on the FIA to act on the complaint and set a precedent to discourage those who abuse and threaten women journalists on social media.

Naya Daur Media has been at the receiving end of abuse and harassment at the hands of nameless and faceless troll accounts on social media for quite some time now. However, the team remains in high spirit and refuses to be intimidated into silence.

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