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Muzaffargarh Man Sets Wife On Fire To Get Rs10m Insurance Money

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A man tried to kill his wife by setting her on fire in Muzaffargarh so he could claim Rs10 million from her life insurance policy.

In an interview with Independent Urdu, the woman named Sahar said her husband ‘poured petrol on me and set me on fire and locked the door of the room’.

He intended to kill her, but the intervention of the neighbours who came to rescue after her screams foiled his plans, said the woman.

“My children were standing outside watching. I kept screaming and trying to put out the fire. The fire was extinguished and I fainted. Everyone thought I was dead, but people gathered when they heard my screams. When I regained consciousness in a hospital, I told them that my husband had set me on fire and the police arrested him.”

Violence against women

In July this year, a man has allegedly burnt his 14-year-old niece to death for rejecting the proposal to marry his son in Punjab’s Chiniot district.

According to the local police officials, the suspect, Mohammad Yaqoob had asked his brother, Mohammad Yousuf, for the victim Sadia’s engagement with his son which the latter had refused.

“Two months ago, Mohammad Yousuf had tied the knot of his daughter with another relative, rejecting the marriage proposal of his brother. In revenge, Sadia’s uncle, Yaqoob sprinkled petrol over her and set her ablaze when she arrived at her parents’ house.”

The police officials said that Sadia was rushed to a local hospital where she succumbed to the burn injuries. Her parents and in-laws buried the girl and told the police that she had died in a cylinder blast.

In March, Hyderabad police confirmed that the man, who burnt five women, including his wife and mother-in-law, to death has confessed to the crime. The man said he was ‘extremely angry’ and he committed this crime because his wife had allegedly cheated on him.

In May last year, a housewife in Layyah was gang-raped by two unidentified men, who held her hostage before raping her and throwing acid at her causing burns to her arms, legs, and back.

In July last year, the Supreme Court ruled that there would be no mercy for acid attack offenders. The apex court dismissed the mercy plea of a convict despite his claim that he had been forgiven by his victim. The apex court had maintained that the heinous act was a bigger crime than murder. The three-member bench of the top court was hearing a plea of convict Javed Iqbal who was sentenced for throwing acid on a woman.

Iqbal’s counsel pleaded before the court that the woman in question had forgiven Iqbal; therefore, the court should also consider Iqbal’s plea.

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  1. akram September 25, 2020

    Layyah and Muzzafargarh are worst districts of Punjab.. Educated Hindus left in 1947 leaving behind illiterate tribal mindset half punjabi half Arabs ( thinking, holier than thou). My mother was from business Hindu family, married to a Sindhu Hindu who converted to Islam and my mom flowed but always conveyed who they were, what they went through..


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