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Motorway Rape Happened Because Woman Travelled Without Husband’s Permission, CCPO Lahore Tells Senate Body

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Despite the outrage and condemnations that his earlier remarks generated, Lahore CCPO Umar Sheikh once again blamed the survivor of motorway rape for the incident. Addressing the Senate’s human rights committee, the Lahore police chief said the incident took place because the woman was out late at night without her husband’s permission.

His remarks irked the committee whose members also observed that the findings of the police investigation were ‘contradictory’. Casting doubts on the investigation process, the Senate body reprimanded the police chief over his statement blaming the victim for the second time and asked if the victim had stated what he said about the incident. Umar Sheikh replied that it was his own assessment.

Earlier, the Lahore CCPO apologised for his statement following the motorway rape tragedy wherein he blamed the survivor of the incident and said that she should have taken a different route and checked her petrol. Following outrage and protests over his remarks, some federal ministers also distanced themselves from his statement but the activists’ demand to remove him for his callousness fell on deaf ears.

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