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Motorway Incident: Rapists Had Taken Away Woman’s Children After Beating Them Up

The suspects, who raped a woman on the motorway near Gujjurpura after her car broke down around midnight, used ‘punches and fists’ to strike the woman and her children in a fight before they attempted to kidnap the kids.

Sharing the details of the incident with journalist Fareeha Idrees, the family said that the suspects beat up the woman badly. “The beasts grabbed the little children and ran away, she ran after them for the sake of her children,” she said in a Twitter thread.

“The woman was at a family friend’s home. They advised her repeatedly not to go at that hour but she had travelled this route regularly, finding it safe. What came as a surprise was the finishing of petrol. She immediately called the motorway police emergency line when the car stopped.”

The woman was aware of the situation she was in, so she locked her car and waited for the police team. While she was waiting, two men appeared out of ‘nowhere and started threatening her, they had long sticks and heavy stones… and smashed the car windows’.

Upon resistance, they beat her up badly. “In the fight, they used punches and fists and beat up the kids, the beasts grabbed the little children and ran away, she ran after them for the sake of her children”

According to the journalist, when the motorway police reached the spot, they found the car with ‘blood and smashed windows’. They called the local police, who arrived and took the family to the police station.

“The woman was badly bruised, swollen feet and bleeding head and so were the children when the police found them,” the journalist tweeted.

“The family who went to retrieve them from police station said they were all muddy and completely terrorised. They did not talk for hours. The children were numb. The children could not talk for hours; they kept on crying, while the mother was also inconsolable.”

“We told her to be strong for her children or children would never recover, ” said the family friend quoted by the journalist.

Addressing the CCPO, the family friend said: “Therefore instead of expressing ‘utter surprise’ why the woman was there in the first place, the #CCPOLahore should have worried why his police force failed to protect a mother. Today, all women in Pakistan are feeling unsafe. That is a failure of the Police.”

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