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Labourer Sells Off Infant Daughter To Buy Motorbike, Smartphone

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A farm labourer in India’s Karnataka state sold off his infant child to a childless couple for $1,350 (1 lakh Indian rupees) to buy a smartphone and a motorbike.

According to reports in the Indian media, the infant was rescued by the state’s women and child welfare department on Saturday on a tip-off by the neighbours who grew suspicious by the extravagant spendings of the couple.

As per reports, the man, who is a resident of  Chikballapur district, went on a spending spree. He bought a bike for Rs 50,000 and a mobile phone for Rs 15,000. After neighbours noticed that the little girl was missing, they informed the authorities, who interrogated the villagers, including the mother.

The mother claimed that she did not want to sell the daughter but agreed afterwards as she was threatened by her husband. She requested the authorities to hand over the child to her, who is at a shelter home currently. The police are now trying to nab the father, who is on the run.



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  1. Kazim September 2, 2020

    Down with Modi/RSS.


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