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IBA Karachi Says Students Who Contract Coronavirus Will Not Be Granted Extra Leaves

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Institute of Business Administration (IBA), a leading university in Karachi, has announced that the university will not provide any extra leaves to a student in case he/she contracts coronavirus, claimed a notification being shared on Twitter.

A screenshot of the purported IBA notification shared by a social media user claimed that the absences allowed for a course as per the IBA policy will remain in place.

“Please note, if a student contracts Covid, he/she will not be given any leeway in attendance. Absences allowed for course as per policy will remain enforced and no exception on medical grounds will be given. Use your absences wisely, be cautious in late coming and in skipping classes,” the notification claimed.

It also called upon students to follow the precautionary measures, as stricter adherence to the SOPs was needed more than ever before to contain the spread of this virus.

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