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#IAmPashteen Trends On Twitter In Protest Against ‘Racist’ Ad

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Social media users came out in support of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) chief Manzoor Pashteen after a controversial advert by Nashpati against racism called the head of the non-violent rights movement an ‘extremist’.

The video that was supposedly made against racism propagated certain stereotypes about the Pashtun community. In the video, the girl says that Pashtuns are always ‘criticising’ Pakistan while calling them ‘short-tempered’ and ‘extremist’.

At this, the guy says not every Pashtun is like ‘extremist Pashteen’.

The video shooted by Nashpati Prime display this message in between: “Say no to racism. We belong to one nation Pakistan.”

The video being dubbed as a propaganda video against the Pashtun community was called out by commentators on social media for targetting the Pashtun community, as #IamPashteen trended on Twitter.

PTM leader and MNA Mohsin Dawar said: “Such blatantly racist vitriol against Pashtuns is not new. We experience it first hand every day. Demanding rights for our people, demanding justice and demanding an end to atrocities committed against our people does not make us extremists. Strongly #Condemnable and #Sharamnak”.

Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala, urged PEMRA to take action against the video. “Disgusting. This sophisticated profiling of peace-loving Pashtuns as extremists is highly condemnable. @reportpemra must take notice of it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Nida Kirmani, who teaches at LUMS, took a jibe at the video and said: “Guess what? Your attempt at anti-racism is deeply racist!”

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  1. Akram September 25, 2020

    We ar just Pakistani, there’s no Punjabi baluchi Pashtun sindhi. People who are calling themselves mohajirs they want to be different than Pakistanis. Punjabi sindhi Pashtun baluchi don’t call them mohajirs.


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