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Here’s Why Pakistan Needs A Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

I saw on the internet that in Karachi a demonstration was held against Shias. Ahmadis are regularly attacked in Pakistan. Hindus, Sikhs and Christians are often targeted (by invoking blasphemy laws, forced conversion of minor girls, etc).

All this turmoil in Pakistan can be eradicated if the country gets a Mustafa Kemal.

Turkey was called ’The Sick Man of Europe’ and was often kicked around by European powers like England and France, who even decided to partition Turkey by the Treaty of Sevres, 1920. Mustafa Kemal realised all the problems in Turkey were because of its backwardness. So he determined to modernise Turkey.

Mustafa Kemal was an army general, which means he had the gun. He staged a coup and overthrew the corrupt Sultan and Khalifa. Then at the point of the gun he modernised Turkey, by abolishing sharia, burqa, madarsas etc and suppressing the maulanas.
This could not have been done democratically, by elections. If he had asked the Turkish people whether they would agree to modernisation and suppression of feudal customs and practices they would almost certainly had said no.

Most people in the Indian subcontinent have reactionary, feudal mindsets, full of casteism and communalism.

Both in India and Pakistan the majority, whether Hindu or Muslim, are communal and with feudal, reactionary mindsets. If asked their opinion in an election they will never vote for suppression of feudal practices and ideas but instead will support them.  To prove this I may refer to what has happened in India.

In the parliamentary elections of 2014 and 2019 the people (80% of whom are Hindus) voted for the reactionary BJP whose only agenda was building a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, atrocities and oppression of Muslims, and Pakistan bashing. The real issues, on the other hand, are massive poverty, record and rising unemployment, appalling level of child malnourishment, almost total lack of proper healthcare and good education for the masses, continuing farmers suicides, corruption, skyrocketing prices of foodstuffs and fuel, etc.

Hence Pakistan requires a powerful leader like Mustafa Kemal who will modernise Pakistan by declaring Pakistan a secular state and putting a leash on extremist elements.

It may be mentioned that dictators are of two kinds, modern minded and reactionary. Mustafa Kemal was modern minded, while Gen Zia ul Haq was reactionary. So someone like Mustafa Kemal, must modernise Pakistan by (1) declaring Pakistan a secular state (2) ending the impunity enjoyed by religious extremists.

Feudal practices must be suppressed by force of law (3) tackling the reactionary clerics who keep Muslims backward (there were no clerics at the time of the great Prophet Muhammad) (4) spreading scientific ideas and knowledge, in accordance with the injunction of the great Prophet that ‘For knowledge go even to China ‘

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the writer’s own and do not reflect Naya Daur Media’s editorial policy.

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  1. Sarfaraz September 27, 2020

    Naya Daur is a good start under Murtaza Solangi sahab. But to invite this former judge of India’s Supreme Court, to write about Pakistan, is ridiculous. This man is criticizes Muslim women in India who wear hijab and burqa, he calls ‘Urdu’ language as Hindi language, refers to Pakistanis as ‘Paki’.

    I used to follow this guy on Twitter long. but then I saw his anti-Muslim tweets, for which he was bashed by secular and liberal Hindus in India. He is no ideal person to write on the situation of Pakistan. He should better concentrate on India. Let’s fight Imran Khan and his fanatic religious and racial policies on our own.

  2. Sarfaraz September 28, 2020

    To moderator: What? After hours since posting my comment here, it has not been approved? What kind of progressive website are you which even declines to publish a comment that criticizes Imran Khan, Army? Just because I told you that this man is not a fair person to comment on Pakistan.

    Just re-read the whole article again. It is trashy and written as if someone has given personal opinion of few words. Even a KG student will write a better essay on certain issues. Please For God’s Sake learn to give space to the learned people, not this type of anti-Muslim and anti Pakistan person. Katju someday criticizes India and someday he criticizes India’s secular and liberal Hindus.

    You need to stick to one rule – sometime Raza and Solangi ridicule the nation over association with the Arabs and Turks. and sometime you are are publishing an article by a non Muslim from a sworn enemy to get inspired from another outsider Turk. Decide what is your purpose? This is why I sometime consider liberalism too idiotic. I have been critical of the military and establishment recently for their interference in the politics and allowing a puppet to share racist remarks against one province of Pakistan. But because of this type of idiocy by so called progressive and liberal outlets we the ex nationalists see nowhere to go to. If you don’t believe what I say about this guy, then read the replies to this man from secular and liberal Hindu men and women from India, for his remarks on Indian Muslim women wearing burqa and his anti-Shariah remarks. .

    I don’t care now if you publish this comment or not, it was just for the shameless moderator of this so-called progressive website. I got here after a well renowned liberal Pakistani based in the US, a rigid critic of Pak Army and establishment, also criticized you for allowing this person to publish this trash article.


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