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Fahmida Riaz’s Daughter Declines Presidential Award To Protest Violence Against Writers, Journalists

Fahmida Riaz’s daughter Veerta Ali Ujan has declined the presidential award that the government of Pakistan had announced for her late mother in protest against abduction and torture of journalists and writers. In a Facebook post. she said that accepting an award from the government on Fahmida Riaz’s behalf would be an insult to her struggle for justice and equality. She added, “Harassers [are] being awarded. Karachi left to rot in sewage.”

Veerta further said that had her mother been alive today, she would have also refused to accept the award from the government.

Earlier, father of missing Sindhi teacher and activist Saeen Taj Joyo had also declined the President’s Pride of Performance Award on account of the enforced disappearance of his son Sarang Joyo. Joyo was recently recovered and claimed to have been tortured in captivity.

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