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Disappointed By PTI Govt’s Performance, Hassan Nisar To Leave Pakistan With Family

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Senior journalist Hassan Nisar has decided to leave Pakistan with his family owing to what he described as ‘disappointing performance of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Inaf (PTI) government’.

He made this announcement on his TV show ‘Meray Mutabiq’. According to Nisar, Prime Minister Imran Khan was the last hope of the country, but his dismal performance has forced him to rethink his decision of staying here.

In June this year, Nisar expressed deep regret over having supported the PTI government, saying that he was a ‘complete fool’ for thinking that the ruling party would deliver.

Hassan Nisar during an interview with private channel BOL News said that he had strongly believed that PTI would change the fate of the country.

“I had believed that Prime Minister Imran Khan has a team of technocrats and political experts who would be able to sort out our economic issues. But these people turned out to be very incompetent. Currently, we aren’t exporting anything except cotton and undergarments, the journalist had said.

He had added that after supporting PTI wholeheartedly all these years, it’s written on his head that he is a ‘complete fool’.

Earlier, security analyst Lt. Gen (r) Amjad Shoaib had confessed that after witnessing the performance of the ruling PTI, he feels like an ‘illiterate’ for voting it in the General Elections 2018.

Amjad Shoaib during an interview with Hum News’ said: “I voted for PTI and now I confess my ignorance. I always thought that we have given multiple chances to only two political parties [PML-N and PPP], so for once we should try voting for PTI.”

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  1. arif Baig September 15, 2020

    give up your hope better die here rather dieing no Muslim countries . Musalmanu tu AAP ko national honay nahe den ge ager aap k paa US or Canadian nationality hai tu Bata den

  2. A K Islam September 19, 2020

    Off course he has US nationality. But, I don’t blame him for his decision since, pretty much everyone is so corrupt or incompetent in Pakistan, sadly!


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