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‘What Age Do You Live In’: CJ Gulzar Rebukes IG Police Over Slow Progress In Matiullah Case

  • 28

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed rebuked Islamabad Police chief over slow progress in the case after reviewing a report submitted to the Supreme Court regarding the kidnapping of senior journalist Matiullah Jan last month.

As the SC resumed the hearing of a contempt of court against Jan, it reviewed the report submitted by the Islamabad Police over the incident.

The police in its report submitted by the DIG Operations had conceded that they were still waiting for replies from different departments, the assistance of which they had sought to unearth the journalist’s kidnapping.

As IG Amir Zulfikar Khan appeared on the rostrum during the hearing, the CJP questioned the police’s failure to gather information in the case. Speaking about the report, the CJP said what kind of time the police chief was living in if he was writing letters ‘like a police babu’.

According to the top judge, time was crucial importance in such cases, as evidence could be destroyed in no time.

Expressing annoyance, the top judge told the police chief that officers ‘are not there to warm chairs]. He further said that it seemed the IG didn’t know how the investigation worked.

He also criticised the DIG for his lax investigative methods, saying he should ‘go sit in the department from which you want information’.

“Officers have to move actively,” the top judge said, ordering police to submit a detailed report regarding the abduction.

The hearing of the case was adjourned for four weeks.

Matiullah Jan was kidnapped from Islamabad last month and was found on the outskirts of the federal capital after 12 hours. Following his recovery, Jan said his abduction was linked to the contempt of court case against him.

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