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‘Secular India Is Dead’: Indian Progressives Disgruntled As Ram Temple Construction Kicks Off

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India’s social media users lamented the rise of extremism in the country during the tenure of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke ground on a long-awaited temple at the site of a demolished 16th-century Babri Mosque.

Modi offered prayers to nine stone blocks with Ram inscribed on them and kept in a small pit amid chanting of Hindu religious hymns to symbolise the start of construction of the temple, which is expected to take three and a half years to complete

An Indian citizen termed the ceremony as the death of secular India.

Another shared how Hindutva, the ideology propagated by Hindu radicals, was destroying the fabric of society.

Journalist Rana Ayyub said it was a ‘black day’ in the history of India.

Another user said that a ‘tolerant’ India never existed for many.

One Vidya Krishnan said it was a day of ‘mourning’.


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