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    NUST Asks Students To Pay ‘Hostel Rent’ Despite Closure Of Hostel In March

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    National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has asked students to pay hostel fees– Rs40 thousand per semester– in spite of the fact that hostel rooms have been vacant for over seven months due to Covid-19 pandemic.

    The NUST administration’s directives also came as a violation of the Higher Education Commission’s orders that had directed the varsities to charge tuition fees only, implying that students were exempted from other dues.

    After NUST asked students to pay up for rooms they haven’t been using, students resorted to protest on Twitter, calling upon the HEC to take action against the university for flouting its orders.

    A social media user called it a height of exploitation. “In a social setup like our where most students are supported by parents/guardians it is the height of exploitation in the middle of a pandemic to demand hostel fee while the campus stays out of bounds for students,” he added.

    Another user called out the varsity for charging money for vacant rooms amid a pandemic.

    One Guhram Shareef called this exercise a ‘shameful act’.

    Administration of Nust decision of collecting hostels fees for last 6 months from students a shameful act, especially since the pandemic all the students went back to home this, is really disappointed HEC must take action.#HECTakeActionAgainstNUst

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