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Murderer Of Blasphemy-Accused Greeted With Hugs, Kisses During Court Appearance

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Murderer of the blasphemy-accused man who was killed after being sprayed with multiple bullets in a courtroom was warmly greeted by a crowd upon his arrival at the court. Pictures from his court appearance doing the rounds on social media show men hugging and kissing him for his action.

The scenes remind one of the way former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer’s murderer Mumtaz Qadri was glorified by a large number of people including lawyers for his act of killing Taseer over his support to a blasphemy accused woman.

Social media users have expressed dismay at the glorification of a murderer.

On Saturday, a man was gunned down in a courtroom in Peshawar over blasphemy charges that he had been facing for two years.

The suspect, a reported graduate of a seminary, had been arrested by the police, but remains unclear as to how he had taken the gun inside the courtroom. Speaking about the murder, he said that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came ‘to his dream and asked him to shoot this man’.


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