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Mehwish Hayat Strikes Back at Indian Media, Calls it ‘Gutter Journalism’

Mehwish Hayat, in a recent cryptic twitter post, while not directly addressing but still hinting at the allegations of her involvement with an Indian gangster- Dawood Ibrahim, called out the India media on it’s ‘gutter journalism’.

Hayat has never shied away from calling out India for it’s treatment of Muslims in Kashmir and has time and again tweeted about the hypocrisy of the country’s media.

According to Indian media, Mehwish Hayat is having an affair with a notorious Indian gangster. Neither denying, nor confirming it, the actor took to her social media account and shot back at Indian media for spreading such rumours about her.

In her tweet she writes, ‘I will not give credence to the unfounded accusations being made about me in some Indian media by issuing a statement. I know exactly what their agenda is and why they’re doing this. All I will say to them is that this kind of gutter journalism will not shut me up. I will continue to highlight their atrocities in Kashmir and to call out Bollywood for its hypocrisy. Oh, by the way, next time if you want to link my name with someone .. may I suggest Leonardo DiCaprio.” 


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