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Man Who Murdered 11 Family Members In Pano Aqil Says Was Commanded By Allah To ‘Sacrifice’

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The man allegedly responsible for the slaughter of 11 members of his family in Pano Aqil’s Maulvi Mohammad Saleh Indhar village reportedly said he and his adult sons were commanded by Almighty Allah in a dream to sacrifice his family to avert a looming disaster’.

Wahabullah Indher and his sons had slit throats of their family members on Aug 19 with a dagger.

According to Dawn, Indher and his sons sacrificed his three younger sons — Mahmood Ahsan, 4, Mahmood Asad, 3, and a newborn — and the daughters — Iqra, 18, Isra, 8, Sobia, 6, and Hajani, 5 — with a dagger.

The report identified other slain members as Indher’s wife Ruqayya, 42, his eldest son Habibullah’s pregnant wife, Naseema, 19/21, and their two children, Nazia, 3, and one-year-old Ali Sher.

According to Indher, he murdered Ruqayya and Naseema, while rest of the killings were committed by his sons–Habibullah, Hizbullah, Kaleemullah, and Majid. The prime suspect and his sons are on a 14-day remand in the custody of Ghotki police.

Mian Asad, a brother of Indher, told media-persons that Indher and his sons had taken the slain members hostage for over a week. And despite four attempts by the Pano Aqil Cantt police, they were not rescued as police were reluctant to go inside as Indher had a gun.


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  1. koko August 25, 2020

    Allah has nothing else to do?
    He gives you command to kill?
    What a bigot super duper!
    Who created 6his kanoon called Mr. Allah, a warlord, paedophile mortal mohammad?


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