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Karachi Activist Seeking Recovery Of Missing Persons Goes Missing Himself

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Leader of Sindhi Sujag Forum and rights activist Sarang Joyo, who was actively campaigning for the release of the missing persons, was abducted from his home in Karachi last night, his family has said.

According to the family of the missing activists, law enforcers broke into their house, held the entire household hostage, and took Sarang with them. They questioned whether this was the state of Madina that the prime minister had promised.

Sarang also teaches at a local university in Karachi.

Voice For Missing Persons Sindh confirmed his disappearance and said that organisation will launch a province-wide movement for the release of Joyo and other Sindhi missing persons. It also called upon international rights bodies for intervention so that this heinous practice mostly employed by the state could come to an end.



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