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Javed Miandad Apologises For Criticising PM Imran After Nephew’s Appointment As Head Coach

In a U-turn, Pakistan’s legendary batsman Javed Miandad apologised to Prime Minister Imran Khan days after he lashed out at the cricketer-turned-politician for  ruining cricket by appointing ‘clueless officials’ in high-ranking positions of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

However, in what seems to be a change of heart, Miandad has taken back his words. The reason for this volte-face could be the appointment of his nephew Faisal Iqbal as one the head coaches for the domestic teams, reported Times of India.

On Wednesday, Miandad lashed out at Imran, saying that he was the captain of the incumbent premier and will join politics to ‘challenge’ him.

In a video on Youtube, Miandad said he will join politics and tell people what real politics is all about. He said after joining politics he will call a spade a spade, adding that Khan lost his way and was not running the country properly.

He spoke about the new regional cricket system and also said the treatment of former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was not right.



  1. Mohammed Jamil August 22, 2020

    Miandad needs to see a shrink

  2. Syed Ahmed August 24, 2020

    Lol, a guy who calls a Run a *** has decided to go to politics now.


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