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In Case Of War Pakistan Will Use Special Weapon To Target India’s Non-Muslim Population Only: Sheikh Rasheed

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Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has claimed that Pakistan will target India with ‘special, calculated’ nuclear weapons’ in case of a war between the two countries.

The minister made these remarks in a TV show.

According to the minister, there were no chances of a ‘conventional war’ between India and Pakistan in case of aggression by New Delhi.

He claimed it would be the ‘last war’ between the two arch-rivals, saying Pakistan can not afford the ‘conventional war’. The minister said Pakistan will target areas in India with ‘calculated nuclear warheads’ to save the Muslim population of the country.

He further claimed that Pakistan now has nuclear weapons that can reach Assam. “Pakistan does not possess enough conventional weapons, so India knows that [in a war], whatever will happen, will happen.”

This is not the first time Sheikh Rasheed has made such absurd claims. In Aug last year, he had ‘predicted’ a full-fledged war between India and Pakistan in October or November over Kashmir. He had claimed that it was time for the “last battle for the liberation of Kashmir” and the war with India would be “full and final”.


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Naya Daur