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Govt To Approach British High Commission, Council Over ‘Unfair’ A, O Levels Grading

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Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood has announced that the government would approach the British High Commission, British Council and Cambridge over the unfair grading of A and O levels students.

“We are approaching the British High Commission and British Council to address this serious miscarriage of justice and hopefully, a redressal mechanism would be found out,” said the minister while talking on Geo News programme ‘Capital Talk’.

The education minister the primary schools will start following the new uniform curriculum by April. He added that the syllabus is in lines with the Quran and Sunnat.

He claimed once the curriculum for secondary level is finalised the students would choose the domestic examinations over Cambridge courses.

He said the schools should comply with the government decision to keep educational institutions closed.

The NCOC decided to keep all educational institutions across the country closed till September 15 due to health risks.

The minister said the government will shut down any schools which open without permission on August 15.


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