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Faisalabad Lawmakers’ Photos Displayed On Gutters After Collapse Of Sewerage System

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The residents of a Faisalabad locality have put up pictures of their representatives and Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) high ups on boiling gutters as sewage inundates their streets, making life miserable.

According to Geo, the residents are stuck in their houses due to the stinking water. They say their guests have stopped visiting because of the filthy water. According to a citizen, the problem of sewerage has been going on for a long time and despite several none of them official concerned bothered to fix it.

He said that the stench of the dirty water makes it difficult for them to sleep and that children in the area are getting sick because of the sewage.

Meanwhile, the WASA chairman said that due to closure of the main sewer line in Samanabad area, there are complaints of water in the streets of many areas. He said that WASA teams are working to solve this problem and it will be resolved soon.


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