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Ex-Envoy Maleeha Lodhi Criticises PTI Govt Over ‘Non-Existent’ Kashmir Policy

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Pakistan’s former envoy to United Nations Maleeha Lodhi has criticised the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for its failure to ‘articulate a clear Kashmir policy’.

In a tweet, Lodhi said the government should come up with concrete measures on Kashmir instead of paying lip service to the cause.

“The government’s rhetoric on occupied Jammu and Kashmir needs to be matched by action,” she added.

According to Lodhi, “Tweets and naming a highway are not a substitute for a strategy. It needs to articulate a clear Kashmir policy and the diplomatic steps it plans to take.”

It may be noted here that Lodhi had headed Pakistan’s UN mission during the government of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and early months of the PTI. She was replaced by Munir Akram following the prime minister’s visit to UN last year.

The statement by the former envoy came days before the first anniversary of the end of Kashmir’s autonomous status.

Last month, PM Imran Khan hadn’t underscored that his government would make proper arrangements ahead of August 05 to commemorate the horror and abuse Kashmiris have faced since a year when the Modi-led Indian government scrapped the Muslim-majority region’s special status.

“All Pakistanis and Kashmiris — anywhere in the world — will participate in this movement of the world as well as in Pakistan and we will all continue reminding the world of what’s happening in Kashmir,” he had said.


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  1. Amir Mahmood August 5, 2020

    Once She was Pakistan’s Ambassador in UN why she didn’t speak these words. All are bastards they keep on enjoying perks and privileges and appointments and once removed then they come out of their shells. Hypocrites


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