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Cast Member of Indian Matchmaking Reveals The Show Was Far From The Truth

Aparna Shewakramani from the popular Netflix reality show Indian Matchmaking  recently in an interview with Quint Neon, revealed that the show was edited to fit a completely different narrative. She says that the show everyone has seen is far from the truth.

Indian Matchmaking since the day it premiered had been shrouded in controversy and most it was due to its material. Many called out the show for its portrayal of conservative and oppressive rishta culture. One cast member of the show, Aparna Shewakramani , who was shown as the picky, stubborn girl with very high standards, has now in an interview revealed that the show had taken the liberty to portray her in a negative light to fit a different narrative than what was the truth.

Speaking to Quint Neon, Aparna gave out the details regarding her meeting with Sima Taparia, the matchmaker.

“I remember when I first met her, we were sitting down and she asked me, ‘What do you want in a boy?’ and the viewers don’t see this but I actually said two things. I said I want someone really laid back, quiet and introvert and she looked at me and said, ‘No”.  So I am thinking there’s a language issue. So I try to tell her what I want and that’s what the audience sees. I thought, if I say it in enough ways, Sima will understand. But it wasn’t about that. Sima had her own ideas and she wanted me with someone jolly.”

Aparna also revealed that for the most part of the shooting she and her family were under the impression that it was a docu-series about Indian matchmaking as opposed to reality TV.  She also gave some insight on the famous scene from the show where her mother calls her suitor a loser.

“My mom calls him a loser and everyone thinks that it’s because he had a podcast and we cared about that. I don’t care about that. What happened off camera was that he was really hurtful to me. He said some really disrespectful things. My mother got really mad. I was crying that night. I almost did quit the show that day,” she said.”It’s interesting that you lose your own voice in your own story.” She recalled. 

Indian Matchmaking is currently streaming on Netflix.


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