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Academic Included By Govt In List Of New Curriculum Approvers Says He Never Approved It

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An assistant professor at the Information Technology University has expressed reservations over the credibility of the Single National Curriculum, saying the education ministry added his name to the list of curriculum experts without any ‘prior communication’.

Dr Yaqoob Khan Bangash, who is a historian, shared a list of the curriculum experts published on the website of the Federal Education Ministry. “A proud moment: Unknown to me, I was one of the ‘400’ experts who had approved the Single National Curriculum! Must take sleepwalking pills…,” he said in a comment on the list that also contains his name.

Bangash is a historian, yet the list names him as an ethics expert.

According to Bangash, “I’ve never received any communication-email, letter or even a phone call from the ministry regarding this. So not sure how I was “part” and more so “approved” the SNC! Guess there might be more people like that?”

The new curriculum that is to be enforced across the country has already become controversial after concerns were raised by several stakeholders. In a broad, overarching, centralised effort to bring madrassahs, private schools and public schools at the same level, the government wants to ensure every single student studying in grade 1 to 5 is taught the same text.

The education minister had revealed that the end goal is unrelenting uniformity so that the core text is the same for a ‘student at a madrassah and those at the Aitchison College’.


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