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Woman Accuses Clerics Of Forcing Girls Into Prostitution In Karachi’s Abbas Town

A woman has accused Shia clerics, who are operating religious seminaries in Karachi’s Abbas Town, of forcing young ‘vulnerable’ girls into prostitution in the garb of Nikah Muta’h (temporary marriage).

A video has been making the rounds on social media, in which a girl has alleged that Karachi’s Shia clerics are forcing female students into prostitution. “They are destroying the lives of the daughters of our community. The girls are being sent to some houses located in Abbas Town and other areas of Karachi where they are presented to affluent men.”

The girl said that even the women instructors of these religious seminaries are involved in the ‘heinous’ crime. “I urge the top leadership of Shia community, including Allama Sajid Naqvi, to take strict action against the perpetrators and save the daughters of our community,” she added.

South Asian Media Research Institute (SAMRI) reported that earlier, a cleric named Mazhar Naqvi, principal of the seminary Jamia Bi’that in Chiniot, allegedly forced many women into temporary marriages and then fled to Iran after ‘getting exposed’.


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