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Unknown Men Allegedly Deployed Outside PML-N Leader Javed Hashmi’s House In Multan

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A video has been making the rounds on social media, wherein it can be seen that unknown men – reportedly affiliated with the security agencies – have been allegedly deployed outside Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) leader Javed Hashmi’s house in Multan.

In the video, Javed Hashmi can be heard saying to the alleged security agencies personnel that he was ready to go to jail. “I have packed my bags, please arrest me and put me in jail,” the PML-N leader said, after which the unknown men apologised.

Journalist and activist Shama Junejo also posted the video of the incident on Twitter, quoted the alleged officers as saying to Javed Hashmi: “Sir our duty is obligatory but believe us we belong to your party [PML-N].”

Last week, Javed Hashmi, while talking to media, had said that he would not ask for a bail if he is arrested, and he would write a book in jail. “I know how to fight this war. I will stage my protest in front of the Parliament and the GHQ.”

He further said, “This is a smaller jail, but outside, there’s a bigger jail. I don’t want any facilities during my imprisonment as I have spent nine years behind bars.” He went on to add that in the past, he was not given food and was beaten in the jail.

On July 14, Multan police had registered a case against the veteran politician for criticising the state institutions, with a special team formed to arrest the PML-N leader. Responding on the development, Hashmi had said that he had done ‘nothing wrong’ by criticising the state institutions.


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