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TV Host Ayesha Sana Booked For Writing Bogus Cheque

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After Lahore police, Gujrat police have also booked actor Ayesha Sana in a case pertaining to cheque bounce.

According to the police, the case against Ayesha was registered on the complaint of trader Ali Moeen after Sana gave him a cheque that got bounced when he tried to cash it.

The case was lodged in a police station in Sarai Alamgir area of Gujrat district in Punjab.

Earlier, Moeen had approached the police in Lahore with a complaint that the actor had given him a bogus cheque. He had said Sana was his family friend and had borrowed Rs2 million from him for domestic needs. Upon meeting Sana, Moeen claimed he was handed a cheque that later bounced.

The police had subsequently booked a fraud case in the Defence police station against the actor.


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