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Train Drivers Warn of More Accidents If Tracks Aren’t Repaired

Train drivers have warned the government of protests if it fails to repair tracks that are ‘pathetic and unfit for trains operations’ and could lead to fatal accidents.

According to Dawn, the drivers have urged the railways administration to focus on track rehabilitation to avert potential mishaps. 

“The condition of the main line (Peshawar-Karachi via Lahore), especially the Multan-Sukkur and Sukkur-Karachi sections, is really pathetic and unfit for train operation,” the media outlet quoted a representative of the drivers as saying.

“It is (about) time we raised the issue forcefully by holding demonstrations and ran trains subject to fitness of the track, signal system and locomotives,” he added.

According to the report, the situation is so precarious that the railways officials avoid postings in Karachi, Sukkur and Multan due to frequent derailments over the two years. It said that at least 100 accidents took place last year.

Karim Bakhsh, drivers association president in Multan division, while expressing concern over the increase in accidents on the Multan-Sukkur track demanded that the PR CEO and chairman immediately order rehabilitation of the dilapidated track.

According to the drivers association, the PR authorities have been asked time and again to focus on these issues but they have never paid heed.

“We, once again, inform the authorities that the PR’s track is dilapidated and causing accidents. The recent case of Shalimar running into a goods train is a proof of what we are saying,” the association said in a press release.

Railways Chairman Dr Habibur Rehman Gilani told the outlet that the Multan-Karachi section had been ignored due to the ML-1 project that was to be launched under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Under this project, he said, the entire existing ML-1 from Peshawar to Karachi would be revamped.



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