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PPP Apologises For ‘Mistakes’, Seeks Implementation Of JITs’ Recommendations

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Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Information Secretary Maula Bux Chandio Tuesday said his party apologises for the mistakes it had committed, adding recommendations of the Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) should be implemented.

“PPP apologises for its mistakes,” Chandio said while addressing a news conference in Hyderabad. “The people we had trusted stabbed us in the back,” he said in an indirect reference to former home minister Zulfikhar Mirza, saying he had made Uzair Baloch powerful. He also admitted that the the JITs should not have been withheld for this long.

On Monday, Sindh government made the JIT reports relating to Uzair Baloch, Baldia factory fire and Nisar Morai cases public.

Chandio, however, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Ali Zaidi had made the issue controversial, saying his statement showed there were two JITs on the same case. He went on to add that the PPP would approach the court on this.

The senator also asked as to how Zaidi possessed the JIT report. He also took the ruling party to task, alleging that those who had confessed to their crimes were embraced [by the Centre] and made part of the coalition.

On Tuesday, Zaidi alleged that the JIT report in Uzair Baloch case had been ‘tampered’ and asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a suo motu notice of the same. He pointed out that the report does not detail as to why Uzair got involved in the murders, who gave him the orders and who benefited from them. He asked as to how all of it could happen without the PPP government’s support.


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