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Pakistani Youtubers Want ‘Absurd’ Ban On PUBG Lifted

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YouTuber Saadur Rehman, more famously known as Ducky Bhai, has slammed the ban on the multiplayer game PUBG, saying the move could put the whole gaming industry in Pakistan in jeopardy.

In an online show hosted by renowned show host Waqar Zaka, Saad said that if the reason behind the ban was to be accepted as legitimate, then no app or game could be considered safe [from a potential restriction] in future.

He went on to say it seems to make no sense to ban a game, played by millions, without getting into the root-cause of the incidents that took place, Express Tribune reported.

Saad revealed that PUBG Mobile recently announced on its website that it had improved the servers for Pakistan. He further said that the game makers did that because they noticed there were a large number of players in the country.    

On July 2, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) ‘temporarily’ banned the online game across the country, after receiving multiple complaints that highlighted the adverse effects of the online game.

The move came after it was reported last month that a 10th grader had committed suicide in Lahore. The teenager’s body was found hanging in his room. The police also spotted a smartphone beside him with the PUBG game app running on it. Later, the boy’s parents confirmed to the police that they had stopped him from playing the game.


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