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Pakistan To Repatriate 114 Indian Nationals Stranded In Country Via Wagah Border

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Pakistan will open the Wagah border on Thursday to repatriate 114 Indian nationals who have been stranded in the country owing to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a recent notification of the interior ministry.

“It is requested that the 114 Indian nationals be repatriated to India through Wagah border by foot on July 9, following necessary health security protocols,” the ministry said in a notification dated July 2. According to a news report, some 250 Indian nationals stranded in Pakistan were also repatriated on June 25.

In May, 179 Pakistanis stranded in India due to the lockdown reached the country through the Wagah border, according to Dawn. The report had said that Indian Border Security Force (BSF) handed over the nationals to the  personnel of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab). The border was closed after the lockdown came into force owing to the pandemic.

The report further said that the the matter was earlier taken up by the Pakistani High Commission in Delhi with the Indian government regarding the repatriation. The Pakistani nationals had mainly been stranded in the states of Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

It added that among those stranded were those who went to meet their relatives, some of them for medical purposes while others for participating in religious ceremonies.


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