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Pakistan Achieves UN Climate Change Goals 10 Years Ahead Of Deadline

  • 29

Pakistan has achieved a milestone in terms of environmental protection as it meets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals a decade ahead of the deadline.

The goals call for urgent actions to fight the climate change and deal with its impacts, as outlined on the official website of the global organisation, according to news reports.

Appreciating the report, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Adviser on Climate Change Malik Amin said the achievement became possible due to the implementation of low carbon growth trajectory, and initiatives pertaining to mitigation and adaptation. He added that climate change solutions need to be made affordable for the affected countries to become cleaner and greener.

Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries in terms of the impact of climate change. In fact, Pakistan already has suffered a lot in the wake of floods, drought and heat waves between 1996 and 2015.

In this present scenario of biological threats and climate vulnerability, if the Pakistani government and policymakers do not take it seriously, then the day is not far when circumstances will be far beyond anyone’s control.

Climate change and food security should be prioritized both in actions and policy before it goes out of control and hunger becomes a virus like COVID-19 bringing the continued survival of humanity to a standstill.


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