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Mullahs Beat Up Female Journalist In Lahore For Refusal To Reverse Car

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A group of men allegedly belonging to a religious outfit, Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith, assaulted Samaa reporter Sidra Ghayas, her brother, and two other crew members of the TV channel over a minor altercation in Lahore.

According to a report, Ghayas was on her way home with her brother in a car. Near Firdous Market, they signalled vehicle ahead to give way which reportedly enraged the driver.

The reporter said about six men came out of the car and started to kick their vehicle. They also ‘slapped’ Ghayas and her brother and when two crew members came over to help, they were also roughed up. She was slapped by ‘molvis on face and manhandled’, a tweet by a Samma staff member said.

“We are the employees of police,” the reporter quoted the attackers as saying. “Hum tumhain daikh laingy,” they said. The reporter said that police failed to reach the crime scene despite multiple calls.

Footage shows Allama Zubair Ahmad Zaheer, a leader of the Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith, was also among the attackers. He could also be seen egging the men on.

Ghayas has filed an FIR at a police station.


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