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Minus One Will Lead To Minus Three, Says Sheikh Rasheed

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Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Saturday dispelled rumors regarding Prime Minister Imran Khan’s premature departure, saying a “minus one could lead to minus three.”

“Imran Khan is not going anywhere,” Rasheed said while addressing a news conference. “And let me warn you, if there is going to be a minus one, then it will result into a minus three.” He further said, “neither we are the last choice, nor there will be a minus one.”

He went on to say that that opposition is ‘good for nothing’ and is incapable of [causing any opposition] to the ruling party. “However, I request the PTI to not do the dirty laundry on national TV channels,” he said. “It is up to a ruling party to project the prime minister.” If this continues to happen, they won’t even need criticism, he added.

Regarding his recovery from the coronavirus, Rasheed said he had served 14 times as a minister, yet he was unable to find the injection even when he had the money for it. “I do not even wish for an enemy to get this virus,” he said and prayed an early recovery to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif.


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