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Matiullah Jan Opens Up About Abduction: ‘They Kept Telling Me I Don’t Understand’

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Journalist Matiullah Jan who was abducted in Islamabad on Tuesday and released after protest from local and international journalist community has opened up about his abduction. In a video posted on his Youtube channel, Matiullah Jan said that the abductors came in police uniforms and nabbed him when he was returning after dropping off his wife to a school in Islamabad where she works.

“I resisted as much as I could but they tortured me. I threw the phone off the school’s wall in a bid to alert my wife about the situation”, he said. Matiullah Jan further told that some abductors were armed and some unarmed. “They shoved me into a car and I was handcuffed using the cuffs used by the police”, he said, adding that they covered his face and threw him at the back of the car so he could not see anything.

“I told them I was suffocating, but they refused to listen. I asked them what my crime was, but they did not respond and kept on saying “Who do you think you are?”

“In an hour they shifted me to an unknown location where I could sense steel doors being closed and opened as if it was a prison. They continued to torture me by throwing me against walls and kept saying ‘You don’t understand’. I thought to myself that I do understand, it’s you who don’t”, Jan said.

He further said that the abductors kept saying his children’s names to threaten and harass him.

“I told them I have a Supreme Court hearing to attend tomorrow. They did not listen to me and kept repeating, ‘you are well-educated and intelligent, why don’t you understand?’

Further, Matiullah Jan said that they removed his blindfolds for a while and It appeared as if they wanted him to get an impression that it was a police station. He added that some men were trying to speak Pashto but it appeared that they were not really Pashto-speakers and were faking it.

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