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Madrassa Cleric Throws Acid At 4 Children After Failed Sexual Assault

A madrassa cleric threw acid at four children when they complained to their parents about the cleric’s attempt to sexually assault them in Punjab’s Sadiqabad on Tuesday.

Private channel GNN reported that police has arrested the cleric, identified as Usama, who wore a veil to hide his identity while throwing acid at children. The police has also found a bottle of acid from the arrested cleric.

All the four children were playing in the street when the cleric came and threw acid at them. They severely got injured and were admitted in Sadiqabad’s Tehsil Hospital.

The families of the victims have told the police officials that the cleric got furious when he came to know that the victims had complained about his sexual misconduct to their parents.

Last week, a woman had accused Shia clerics, who are operating religious seminaries in Karachi’s Abbas Town, of forcing young ‘vulnerable’ girls into prostitution in the garb of Nikah Muta’h (temporary marriage).

A video had been making the rounds on social media, in which a girl had alleged that Karachi’s Shia clerics are forcing female students into prostitution. “They are destroying the lives of the daughters of our community. The girls are being sent to some houses located in Abbas Town and other areas of Karachi where they are presented to affluent men,” she said.


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