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Lt. Gen (r) Amjad Shoaib Says Matiullah Jan Faked Abduction

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Security analyst Lt. Gen (r) Amjad Shoaib has said that journalist Matiullah Jan had ‘faked’ his abduction to gain ‘sympathies’ and to divert the attention of Supreme Court from contempt of court notice to his ‘fake’ abduction.

Gen (r) Amjad Shoaib, during an interview to digital news channel Harris Shahid Official, said that all the sympathisers of Matiullah Jan, including veteran journalist Hamid Mir, need to revisit their opinions on the matter.

“Why would the national security agencies abduct Matiullah knowing the fact that he had to appear in the Supreme Court the very next day? Only Matiullah was the beneficiary of this fake abduction. He succeeds in getting sympathies of judges in the contempt of court case.”

The security analyst also criticised Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and MNA Mohsin Dawar for visiting the home of Matiullah and showing solidarity with him. While talking about the career of Matiullah, Shoaib that Jan has “no standing as a journalist”.




  1. dAN July 29, 2020

    These Generals always TAKE side with Generals/ISI MAFIA — So Justice Shaukat was Lying too that ISI is controlling CJ ,there was no contempt of court -They just want to remove him like QAZI Now –Once Qazi is Ineligible to be SC Chief -ALL corruption cases will DIE like Panama 449 other Names like that was Not Pakistan Money only Nawaz Money was — They did not Tried Justice Shaukat how he took Army/ISI name that they are controlling ? same in Qazi case Judges acknowledge that Govt has Bad intentions & how they collected Information about QAZI properties — Because everyone know ISI Mafia is behind like Judge Arshad Malik Blackmailing —-People Must Wake up -Matiullah is an Honest man who stand with Truth –A colonel Son & served in Army too -he has a small house with old beat up car NOT LIKE This Lt General

  2. Asmat Jamal July 29, 2020

    Mati Ullah had staged the abduction with people for whom he is working


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