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Lt Gen Nigar Jouhar Says Pakistani Society Is Open-Minded Towards Women

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Lt Gen Nigar Jouhar, the first female surgeon general of Pakistan Army, has said that the Pakistani society is open-minded towards women, treats them with respect and gives them a special status.

“[Women in Pakistan] have economic, social and all other securities in the country,” Lt Gen Jouhar said during a recent interview with BBC. “They are making progress in all areas of life, whether it be communications, telecommunications, information technology or other fields.”

She further said that the military believes in merit, saying her appointment last month on the post reflects the system that’s existent in the institution. “All that you require is the passion to work and a dream to follow and then gender does not become a hurdle in the way.”

Let Gen Jouhar expressed that she is proud to be a part of the institution. She added that Pakistan Army is extending assistance to the civil administration to fight the Covid pandemic.

On June 30, Major General Nigar Jouhar was promoted to the rank of the lieutenant general and made the surgeon general of Pakistan Army. She is from Panjpeer village, Swabi district. The appointment was felicitated by all quarters who termed the development a good omen for the country.


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