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Leaked Audio: PTI MPA Uzma Kardar’s Basic Party Membership Suspended

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has suspended the basic party membership of MPA Uzma Kardar over violation of party rules and “conduct unbecoming of a PTI member”.

The ruling party’s Standing Committee on Discipline and Accountability has issued a written order which states that Kardar’s basic party membership has been revoked. “You have acted in a very irresponsible manner and your conduct is unbecoming of a PTI member therefore you have been expelled from the basic membership of the party,” the notice read.

The notification added that the MPA in question would also not be able to hold any post or position at the parliamentary level.

Last month, a controversial audio clip of Uzma Kardar was leaked on social media, in which the lawmaker had made disrespectful remarks about the First Lady Bushra Bibi. Subsequently, she was removed by Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul- Hassan Chohan from the Media Strategy Committee and as a spokesperson for the provincial government.

In a tweet, the premier’s aide on overseas Pakistanis, Zulfi Bukhari, had said: “One can’t expect her to understand the calibre of First Lady but it is extremely shameful of Uzma Kardar to be talking behind her back. PM & First Lady’s respect comes foremost for all of us. Embarrassing behaviour from anyone who claims to be associated with the party.”


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