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Leaked Audio Clip Which Led To Ajmal Wazir’s Dismissal: ‘Consider It Done’

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Ajmal Wazir, ex information adviser to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister, can be heard bargaining and negotiating commission and giving assurances to other ‘stakeholders’ in a leaked video that became the cause of his removal from his post on Saturday.

Wazir was replaced with Kamran Bangash, currently serving as the special assistant to chief minister, after the video went viral on social media.

In the beginning of the clip, the two persons, one of whom is believed to be Wazir, can be heard discussing General Sales Tax (GST) on the total ‘amount’. Wazir was told the “next amount is 30.5 million.” He then said, “GST should not become a nuisance as far as the amount is concerned. He was also told by the other person in the clip that the ad will be run on radio, social media and digital media.

“I had told you to not discuss this openly [and that] we can meet in private,” a man, believed to be the adviser, can be heard saying in the audio clip.

“When [the] Secretary notices this, he asks about it,” he said. “I favored you, telling him you are the right person.” He then told the other person to hold a meeting regarding running a commercial on TV. “Consider the deal done,” the other voice told Wazir.

Earlier today, a news report quoted Bangash confirming Wazir’s dismissal over the audio clip that revealed the former advisor taking commission from an advertising agency. He added that Prime Minister Imran Khan had been informed about the development and that a forensic investigation of the clip is likely to take place sometime soon.


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