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#JusticeForZahra: Twitterati Demand Action Against Journalist For Allegedly Murdering Wife

Twitterati have demanded action against journalist Ali Salman Alvi for allegedly murdering wife Syeda Sadaf Zahra.

Social media users on Wednesday took to various platforms in large numbers to denounce the untimely death of the woman who was reportedly subjected to mental and physical torture.

Terming the murder ‘horrible and disgusting’, a social media user hoped justice will be delivered soon.

Another social media user said the victim was a kind and caring person, demanding justice for her.

A user termed the incident sad and tragic, saying justice against ‘sick minded’ people should be served at the earliest.

“Women have to stand up for themselves and say no to domestic violence,” another user wrote. “Justice should be served at the earliest for Zahra.”

Another user pointed out that the victim had earlier revealed her condition, saying civil society should have done something about it.

Many others also expressed themselves on the alleged murder.

Earlier today, Rawalpindi police arrested Alvi after a First Information Report (FIR) was registered against him, charging him for the murder.

According to the report, “the deceased was found with marks on her hand and face,” along-with the one on her neck, which became the cause of the death. It also stated that the investigation in the case is ongoing, but from the account of the victim’s sister, it appeared to be a case of murder.

The FIR narrated the account of Syeda Mehwish Zahra, the deceased’s sister, that she found Sadaf Zahra’s body hanging from the ceiling fan at the scene of the death. According to her, the accused had called her from the deceased’s phone, telling her to reach their home urgently as “Sadaf had done something to herself.”

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