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“It’s Experimental In Every Way,” Says Faseeh Bari Khan About His Upcoming Serial ‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’

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Popular playwright Faseeh Bari Khan, who is known for having introduced the genre of hard-hitting, dark dramatic works in the Pakistani showbiz industry is all set to make a comeback with a new serial after a long break. Titled as “Ghisi Piti Mohabbat”, the serial has been directed by Ahmed Bhatti and will soon go on air on ARY Digital under the banner of I Dream Entertainment. Naya Daur caught up with the one-of-his-kind story-teller to ask him about his upcoming project and the challenges he faced while writing after a gap.

You have written a serial after quite a long time. How did you keep yourself busy during this break?

Yes, I have made a comeback into writing after four years. Although I did write “Mohini Mansion Ki Cinderellayen” in the mid, I do not consider it a proper project because the channel on which it was aired wasn’t accessible to most of the households across the country, due to which it got eclipsed and therefore had to be shut down in the middle. Thus, my last complete project was “Faaltu Larki” aired on A-Plus around four years ago. As far as the break is concerned, I utilized it fully. I read a lot of books and watched ample web-based content, for, to refresh myself as a writer, I deemed it important to see what’s happening around the world in my field.

After all this while, did you take your own story to the channel or were you approached by the team to write for you?

I never write one-liners and take them to channels, as I do not believe in the one-liners of stories. As someone inspired by Modernist literati like Virginia Woolf, I do not accept the fact that narratives are perfectly patterned or have methods to them. My stories develop and take turns while I am penning them. I was approached by ARY Digital and I agreed, for most of my previous work has been for ARY’s crew such as Abdullah Seja and I, therefore, have good chemistry with the team. Sania Akram, the content head, is also a considerate woman who does not interfere and gives me the liberty to write.

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In its teasers, your new serial seems a bit different from your previous works in terms of both content and outlook. What were the main challenges that you came across while writing according to newer trends?

Yes, it’s experimental in every way. I have written it on the pattern of a novel, in a way turning the story into different chapters, each being fresh and providing a different angle to the story. As far as the content is concerned, I did have to give in to commercial demands but I ensured that the story sounded progressive all the same. I did not hesitate while travelling a trodden path but added my creativity to it. My story is of a modern, hard-working girl who encounters various experiences in life, intelligently analyzes them, and then learns from them. A few teasers may make people think that the serial incorporates a typical “saas-bahu” clash but that isn’t my point of focus in the story.

Despite being commercial, your upcoming serial is after-all your creative production. How do you look forward to it?

I own the serial and am extremely happy that I am working with new people and on new themes. Before I started working on the script, I analyzed myself and made my mind and heart understand that there’s no harm in working according to newer standards and on trending topics. A different angle, however, should be there so as not to make the story look and sound monotonous. Even the cast I am working with this time is new and I haven’t worked with most of them before. Still, I feel happy that one of my works has an altogether different aura. But yes, knowing that it’s an experimental work, I am open to criticism, and that is how it should always be. Whenever you go for experimental work, you should keep yourself mentally prepared for all kinds of criticism. But I am hopeful that the youngsters will be able to relate to the story as I have written it after spending time with many young people during my break from writing. Meeting them and getting to know them made me learn about their perception of life and helped me in writing “Ghisi Piti Mohabbat”.

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When is “Ghisi Piti Mohabbat” airing?

A final date hasn’t been announced yet, but it will probably hit the TV screens by mid-August.

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