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‘I See Nothing But Your Incompetence’: CJ Reprimands DG CAA Over Fake Licences

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Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmad has severely reprimanded Director General Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Hassan Nasir Jamy over his ‘mishandling’ of ‘fake licences’ scandal. The top judge said that he only saw the ‘incompetence’ of DG CAA and nothing else in the report submitted to him.

The Express Tribune reported that last month Justice Ahmed, during an ongoing hearing of the coronavirus suo motu notice, had noted the issue of ‘fake’ licences issued to pilots. On Tuesday, he resumed the hearing and discussed the report submitted to him by the director general, remarking: “All the wrongdoings in Pakistan begin and end from the airport. In this report, I see nothing but your incompetence.”

The top judge observed that the authority’s computers had been ‘compromised’ and that unauthorised people had gained access and issued licences fraudulently.

“This should be a matter of great shame for you. We are referred to as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. How much further will we sink? There is no more room for dishonour. You have put people’s lives at stake and you have not initiated an inquiry against even one person so far,” the CJP said to the DG CAA.

Responding to the chief justice’s remarks, DG Nasir Jamy said that the people who were involved in the scandal had been suspended. “So they are still drawing a salary? This is really very shameful. All your airports have corrupt people employed,” the top judge commented on the official’s response.

In its written verdict, the court observed that the civil aviation staff is ‘compromised’ and that its computer systems are unsafe. The director general was asked to expedite action on the issue of fake licenses of civil aviation pilots and take departmental action against the aviation authorities involved in the case.

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