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Health Secy Warns Against Second Covid Wave If SOPs Ignored On Eid

Punjab Health Secretary Muhammad Usman has warned against the second wave of the deadly coronavirus, saying “things can quickly spin out of hand,” if standard operating procedures (SOPs) would be ignored on Eid-ul-Azha and Muharram.

DAWN reported that the official, while addressing a press conference, dilated upon the details about Punjab: “The situation is now relatively under control, but any mistake can reverse it quickly, as happened following Eidul Fitr.”

The health secretary claimed that virus positivity rate is currently decreasing but it can “get out of hand,” if SOPs are ignored. “However, fears are growing that these signs could denigrate if people throw caution to the wind during Eidul Azha and Muharram, as happened after Eidul Fitr when the numbers skyrocketed within days. Apart from these two religious events, hospital outpatient departments are being reopened, which could cause a rush to these facilities.”

Dr Mahmood Shaukat, chairman of the Corona Expert Advisory Group, also addressed the media. He pleaded: “Covid positivity has dropped to six per cent against 31pc in June. The number of critical patients has declined and recovery rate has improved to 60pc. The number of tests dropped not because of capacity issues, but due to fewer requirements. All these signs show that the situation is under control.”


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