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‘Halime Sultan’ To Collaborate With Pakistani Brands

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Esra Bilgiç, the Dirilis Ertugrul star, has expressed her willingness to work with more Pakistani brands after having worked with some of them already.

Famous for her role as Halime Sultan in the all popular TV show, Bilgic enjoys a considerable fanfare from Pakistan and has reciprocated the same on multiple occasions, Dawn said in a report.

In an Instagram post, the actress said, “Duygu Durukan Cici is my official manager and the only representative and they can be directly contacted for any collaborations, ideas or partnerships or any other project overall.” She added that she is not associated with any management company outside of Turkey.

Earlier, thanking one Pakistani Instagram account for the praise it showered on the Hailme Sultan actor, Esra said that Pakistanis’ support made her happy. Dropping a hint of her Pakistan visit, Esra said, “I’m waiting excitedly to meet you all in Pakistan after this period”.

Esra Bilgic also gave a shout out to Pakistan on her Instagram for the record-breaking success her show has received here. “I love you Pakistan, thank you for watching us. I hope I can come to meet all of you one day”, she posted on Instagram.


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