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FBR Officials Say SC Should Not Have Sent Sarina Isa Case To Tax Authorities

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Two senior officers of the Federal Board of Revenue told their high-ups recently that the Supreme Court shouldn’t have sent the case of Sarina Isa, wife of Justice Qazi Faez Isa, to the tax authorities, revealed journalist Zahid Gishkori.

In a tweet, Gishkori said that ‘in their internal discussion on Sarina Isa’s case, the two senior officers told high ups last week that Supreme Court should have not sent this issue to tax authorities’.

“It makes no legal sense for further probe after she declared her offshore last year,” a Member FBR was quoted by the journalist as saying.

On July 9, Sarina Isa appeared before the Federal Board of Revenue to submit a detailed reply on her money trail and the foreign properties she bought in London.

In June, the Supreme Court (SC) had dismissed the presidential reference against Justice Isa after declaring it ‘invalid’ while accepting the petitioner’s pleas. Moreover, SC gave three months to FBR for completion of a report pertaining to Sarina Isa’s offshore properties and submit its final report with Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP).


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