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Father Turns Out To Be Murderer Of 3-Year-Old Kasur Child

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Police in Kasur have arrested a man for killing his three-year-old son, with the reasons of the murder so far being unknown.

Shaaban had gone missing in the Basti Barat Shah of the district on Sunday, with police being clueless about the whereabouts of the murderer. The body was found soon after the incident, while the law enforcement agency arrested the boy’s father on suspicion.

Soon after, during the interrogation, it was revealed that the deceased’s father, identified as Nadeem was responsible for taking his son’s life.

According to Assistant Superintendent Police (ASP) City Abdul Hanan, Nadeem has confessed to the brutal murder of his son during interrogation. He added that further investigation is underway to find out the reasons behind the killing and take the responsible to task.

In an incident in Pattoki city in the same district late last year, a man was found to be the murderer of his own son. He had earlier reported it to be a case of kidnapping. According to police, the man had also strangled his wife to death three years ago, but the elders of his clan had intervened to resolve the matter. The man, police added, seemed to be mentally unstable.


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