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Families Of PIA Plane Crash Victims Still In Search For Luggage Of Deceased

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The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is reluctant to return the baggage of the victims, who died in a plane crash near Karachi airport before Eidul Fitr, to their families even after a passage of several weeks.

In a conversation with Urdu News, people have complained that the PIA called them to a hotel to take possession of their belongings, but the airline administration only displayed the material that was stored in handbags i.e. earrings, cards and necklaces.

According to one of the family members, the luggage was in a better condition when it was handed over to the PIA by the Rangers. “However, now it has oil stains on it and the PIA is not even displaying all of it,” said a man.

He said the PIA also kept them in dark about the insurance of the luggage, as it told them that only their luggage will be returned.

Another man, whose mother had died in the crash, said he has been making efforts to get back his mother’s stuff from the PIA since May, but the administration is reluctant to return the complete luggage. He said the display of the luggage arranged by the PIA was a ‘joke’ as it contained nothing but the belongings contained in the handbags.

He said the Rangers gave the PIA administration at least 750 bags, but the airline has not displayed them.

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